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The Embroidery Shop


How to order:

  1. Decide what you would like to have embroidered.  (Polo, sweatshirt, jean jacket, oxford, club jacket, etc.)

  2. Determine if your logo requires digitizing.

  3. If you already have a digitized logo in the DST format, email it to SQBS at  We will determine if your digitized logo is usable.  (Note: Some digitizers place a lock code in the digitized file which renders it unusable by others)

  4. If your logo is not digitized, you must add the digitizing fee to your order.  SQBS will have your logo converted to a usable digitized file.  You will only have to pay this fee one time.  If you change your logo, on future orders, you will have to pay a new digitizing fee.

Let's Get Started

Since  2018 Simply Queen by Sherell, LLC.  

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